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Interesting game, but gameplay is frustrating. The 'falling dice wreck a hole' thing doesn't contribute anything to the game and only makes it more frustrating. Even if the wrecking hole mechanism is not removed, the cost for fixing holes should stay constant, instead of increasing over uses.

Exploding sixes is the main cause of falling dices, and secondary exploding dices flying out of control is devastating. The upgrade 'extra dice' will cause the game to lose more easily, and therefore is actually a downgrade. It should be reversed, and will become a powerful upgrade, by limiting the destruction caused by exploding six.

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why can dice explode all the way from one side to the other just feels unfair when it explodes and launches a dice right of the side first dice on a perfect shot?

(added after edit) after the 5th time i think i just done good idea needs more polish

Try to create a buffer zone of dice to catch all exploding dices. I.e. try bouncing your die on the right side of existing ones. This helps catch the ones exploding. Of course there's still the risk of a secondary 6 to be faced up but I found this helped alot.

problem was it was the first die and they litteraly landed on the last 5th of the right side and blasted one clean off the left side

Yeah. Other people have mentioned this too. I probably should tweak the randomness a bit. Thanks for the feedback!

yeah some time they just launch at like 200 at the left side and i have never scene it do it in any other direction.

Still happens but noticably less, thank you

If you continue this after the jam, I would love to see some more late game features. Maybe an upgrade for a breakable left wall? Or some kind of rare golden dice for instant cash?

Great ideas, thank you!

could be fun if after beating it you got to restart with new upgrades and alt maps